My Parents: Mother Earth and Father Time

(I wrote this gem for my parents.)




I was reared with the upbringing of peace and violence,

a counterproductive theory that utterly defies science.

While one taught me laughter, the other, silence.

They taught me to tend a rose with an iron hammer,

and to roar at the moon, while inciting perfect grammar.

Blood on our knuckles, is our version of glamour.

The duality of my upbringing is superbly well rounded,

If more shared my experience, they’d be more grounded.

Hot steel singing in flowers, is how it sounded.

Now, please don’t hate them, or find me pretentious,

It’s not my fault I know what kale or a wrench is.

While one hand waves peace, the other clenches.

They could fix your car, or bake you a cake.

If you lend them your ear, your soul they will take.

They’re the beautiful destruction of a colossal earthquake.

Give them your injured and those in need.

They’ll build them a house and their wounds won’t bleed.

They’re a chrome plated unicorn; a noble steed.

Take heed to my claims, as they aren’t bombastic,

Emotionally, they’re resilient as elastic.

Quite simply my creators are nothing short of fantastic.

Yes, one is from Venus, and the other from Mars.

However, their bond is more celestial than any grouping of stars.

A testament to beauty, adorned in lavish scars.

They’re a drag race of ideals, traveling at the speed of light,

like a newly born phoenix taking its first flight.

One taught me love, the other, to fight.

Their love is secured, like a heart in a vice.

An all in mentality, will only suffice.

While one swims in warmth, the other ice.

Their fire and compassion are lit at the prime,

A venomous cocktail with a splash of lime.

Now, ladies and gentlemen, If you’d be so kind….

I present to you….My Mother Earth and Father Time….


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