Humans like to coin this word with a labelling of an “EMOTION.” Some like to use it in reference to a “FEELING” towards something tangible. “I love this car, or I love soda.” At first glance, the previous statements make sense, and you might be able to empathize with someone else’s “LOVE.”

The thing with LOVE; it’s far more complex than an emotion. Emotions have limits. If you are overwhelmed with SADNESS what does a person do? They cry. They cry because emotions are bound, they are finite, and follow the rules of the universe. That is why LOVE should not be perceived as an emotion. The very essence of the word finds itself in an infinite interdimensional paradox. LOVE is a blind, omniscient, omnipresent, cosmic force of nature. LOVE is an element. The very fabric of our human universe is threaded with LOVE. No other falsely dubbed emotion can elicit all other emotions simultaneously. LOVE can make you fear for your life. LOVE can make you smile with tears. LOVE can bury you. LOVE can make you fly. This is why LOVE is a paradox. Logic and perceptual understanding are irrelevant. LOVE is a means to an end— that has no end; a transcendental entity.
When you say “I LOVE YOU.” You enter a contract with the universe. You are harvesting a piece of the fabric of reality, and bestow it to another human being. The ramifications of such transactions can never be duplicated, simulated, or overpowered by another. It’s a magnanimous marriage of psychosis and cognition, traveling at interstellar speed, far beyond eternity. The single most powerful substance in our cosmos is not found in a galaxy far away. It’s a four letter word, and it is LOVE.
We are LOVE and will continue to be…


One thought on “Love

  1. Hi WicNoodley! Very good post. Deeply thought out.
    According to psychology love is a ‘Perception’ like God, ghost, soul etc…while sadness is a ‘Mood’ like happiness, anxiety etc.
    You are right they are different things. Love brings out different moods, not a single feeling.❤
    I wish you luck for this new blog of yours. – Jia

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