“Let’s Talk Some Shit”

A very wise professor of mine once posed a question to my class, and it has stuck with me ever since. “What is the purpose of communication?” Sure….We all THINK we know right? Let’s play with that idea. Perhaps to exchange information? Well you can exchange information with an ATM machine. Maybe to express emotion? You can write in a diary your entire life, and never communicate those thoughts to another soul. So what is it?! What is the purpose of communication? Very simply–“To illicit a response. ”

It blew my goddamn mind when he said that. All the sudden, I understood humans a fraction of a percent better. We’re just needy, emotional, narcissistic creatures that constantly want feedback from our world. Think of it in terms of social media. If a status update disappeared into the void when you click enter, not a single mother fletcher would update their statuses. We want the world to know what we’re doing. We hunger for validation, shit, I want people to like what I’m writing right now. I always make it a point to inject a portion of myself into every word I write. That might seem tacky, but it’s the truth. I want my material to have a pulse. I want the reader to almost be able to slide their fingers gently across the screen and feel texture and warmth.

So….Hopefully that snagged you, and you’ll want to keep reading all of my crazy stuff. I’ll write little stories on here, poems, songs, and anything that I find interesting. Sit back, relax, and have an epiphany, laugh, fart, cry, or whatever at my expense.